Your quick desk reference for hectic clinic days

All of the Real World NP cheat sheets, plus bonus content you won't find anywhere else

It's SO busy finding the right information when you've got patients in front of you. Some resources are deep and helpful, but they're hard to navigate sometimes. In this binder you'll find top clinical topics with quick pearls of practice to help guide you in primary care. I've been there-- it's not easy. Inside you'll find all the Real World NP cheat sheets, with bonus material you won't find anywhere else. Automatically updated every 3 months, with bonus material based on top new grad nurse practitioner requests!

Course curriculum

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    Digital NP Binder

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    Bonus Material!

    • 047 Lower Extremity Cellulitis & Erysipelas Cheat Sheet

    • Newborn visit Cheat Sheet

Topics Included

  • New Nurse Practitioner Visit Routines - Patient visit Cheat Sheet

  • Time-Saving Tips for New Nurse Practitioners - Quick Text Cheat Sheet

  • Preoperative Assessment for New Nurse Practitioners - Preoperative Exam Cheat Sheet

  • COPD Exacerbation Management: Case Study for Nurse Practitioners - COPD Management Cheat Sheet

  • Anticoagulation Management in Primary Care: Case Study for Nurse Practitioners - Warfarin in Primary Care

  • Concussion Evaluation for Nurse Practitioners in Primary Care - Concussion Evaluation & Management

  • Hep B Lab Results Interpretation Case Study: Lab Interpretation for Nurse Practitioner - Hep B cheat sheet

  • Hep C Lab Interpretation: Case Study for Nurse Practitioners - Hep C Cheat Sheet

  • Billing and Coding for Nurse Practitioners: Office Visits (Tutorial with Examples) - Office Visit E&M Coding Cheat Sheet

  • ATOPIC DERMATITIS TREATMENT | New Nurse Practitioners - Atopic Dermatitis Cheat Sheet


  • How long do I have access for?

    Lifetime access - as long as the binder exists!

  • Is this for pediatrics? OB? Hospitalists?

    Unfortunately not, as of right now the only topics covered are for adult patients in primary care, with a few pediatric topics included.